Sunday Funday (yeah, that was cheesy even as I was typing it)

As I've told you before: I work in retail – in a mall that used to be very popular and full of people, but has lost the lustre of yesteryear. Unfortunately (well, sometimes fortunately), this leaves me sitting bored for hours at a time. This is especially true on weekends when I work in the primitive decor store.

So in honour of my lazy Sunday shift, I thought I would share a little game that I enjoy playing. Since I love to people watch, it can be very interesting to play this game for me. Well, it is more of a time passer – like counting cars of a certain colour on a long trip. But I enjoy it.

Before is start, I should explain. I live in a little town on the St. Lawrence Seaway. Some of the people who live here really fall under the category of "character" more that they would that of "person." I'd love to say that I'm not judging them, but if I am completely honest with you (as I am hoping to be every time I write a post for you) I judge. I judge hard. And laugh hard. I keep trying to take pictures of the people that I see, but no matter how stealthy I am, I can never manage to get one.

Anyways, here's the game: you play "BINGO" of sorts. Before the shift (or trip, or whatever) starts, you pick a set of "characters" or thing you want to find. Now I usually play alone, because I work alone so I never have a winner... but a quick way to make a winner is to have the list and make it like a scavenger hunt. Whoever finds them all first or finds the most at the end of the set time WINS. Be creative when thinking up things you need to find, it can be awesome.

Here's a short list of what I can remember seeing while working in this mall.

  1. Full Canadian tuxedo. And I mean full. Dude had jeans, a denim button up shirt, a denim BELT (do they even make these), denim shoes, and a denim baseball cap. I was truly amazed. That is dedication to the denim lifestyle.
  2. Tobias Fünke inspired never nude shorts.
  3. Mullets. All sorts of them. It is rather disgusting really.
  4. Multiple older women not wearing bras and showing WAY too much side boob/saggage for anyone's sanity taste.
  5. Man with waist length hair covering his full back tattoo of I believe a unicorn (it was old and very faded). Did I mention what his shirt was? No? That's cause he wasn't wearing one. Inside the mall. Classy.
  6. Prissy stuck up woman fall off of her heels while snootily walking out of the store, angry that we didn't have Borderlands (which was impossible to keep in stock at the time).
  7. Man walk full into the plate glass store front.
  8. Three wolf howling at the moon shirt. Now this is tricky to put on the list and actually find. The problem is that a lot of people have taken to wearing these shirts (or spin offs of them) in a mockery. Hard to find someone not wearing it to be trendy and funny, but actually wearing because they looked in their closet in the morning and asked themselves "Good God, what could possibly be more classy than wearing this shirt with 3 wolves howling at the moon? That's right: nothing."

So get out there and enjoy your people watching just a little more. Message me your funny additions to the list, I'm always up for something more to look out for. And I'm going to try to take pictures with more diligence now.


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