10 Lessons I’ve Learned Today

Today can be chalked up to a learning experience at least. Since I have learned some things, I thought I should pass them on to you. Let's call these my lessons my thanks to you for being awesome and reading my blog.

  1. Just because you spot a box of poptarts in the cupboard, do not assume that you will be able to have said poptarts. There is a slight chance that these poptarts do not exist, because your boyfriend ate them all and left an empty box in the cupboard to tease you with at a later date.
  2. When turning on the stove, be sure that you are using the right element.
  3. When turning on the stove, be sure that there are no rags covering any of the elements, especially the one you just accidentally turned on full blast to boil water to make yourself some soup because your meal of poptarts and diet coke have been squashed by a poptart-eating boyfriend.
  4. Do not leave the stove unattended in order to go and get dressed.
  5. Dish rags are flammable.
  6. Small kitchen fires create copious amounts of smoke. More than you would think.
  7. The copious amount of smoke created by a burning dish cloth smells absolutely terrible. And this smoke permeates everything, including your clothes, your hair, and any other porous surface in an apartment.
  8. Smoke takes forever to dissipate, even with all windows and doors open, with a fan blowing out of the door.
  9. That cute little kitchen fire extinguisher that you hid in a cupboard should probably be left out in the open, or else you will forget about its existence and pour a sauce pan full of water all over your stove when you catch the stove on fire.
  10. Kitchen fires will make you forget about being mad at someone and make you laugh insanely. Well it was either the fire or all the smoke we inhaled. Either way, it became hilarious to both of us.


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