Last night my friend hosted a stag and doe for her brother that was getting married. I went to hang out with her and her husband and to help them out as they needed help.

While sitting around and watching the much younger people there (as young as 15), I noticed that many of them were making frequent trips to the coffee station. This reminded me of a time when I was their age, when I started to drink coffee. We somehow associated the drink with being older, being an adult.

It made me laugh to myself.

Coffee was something I started drinking to appear older. And it slowly morphed into a physical addiction. See, now that I am what I guess you would call an adult, I drink coffee daily. Not because I like the taste. I've actually always found coffee on the gross side of the taste spectrum. It has just turned into something that I NEED. Daily. If I do not drink coffee, I will develop a mild headache at around 3 or 4pm. This mild headache will slowly develop into a mind splitting migraine. I can imagine little elves in my brain screaming "CAFFEINE MEEEE!"

So I drink coffee. Large black with three sweeteners. I line my car up into the Tim Horton's drive thru line and wait like all the other addicts. All for a beverage whose aftertaste reminds me of that of a cigarette.

Is this why all of us drink it? Because our parents and all the other adults did it, and we in a desperate attempt to grow up started drinking the sludge. Then we became addicted, and perpetuated the image to those younger than us. Is coffee just a vicious circle?


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