Happy Father’s Day

Growing up is one of those inevitable things. It happens slower for some people, but nonetheless, we all do it. And as we grow, we learn things we never understood as children.

For instance, as I've grown up, I've learned that having a dad as awesome as mine is not as common as I had thought. I always took it for granted that all fathers would drive to pick up their kids from sleepovers and movies and whatever else we felt like doing. I assumed that everyone had an awesome dad teaching them to ride their bikes, or fill the windshield wiper fluid in their cars. I just thought it was something dads did.

But the more I talk to people I meet, the more I am discovering that for every awesome dad, there are two (or more) horrible dads.

I'm so happy that my dad wasn't one of them. My dad taught me to love music, and even gave me all of his vinyl. He taught me how to tie my shoes. I had a pink, driveable Barbie Corvette when I was little, as did my best friend, Kate. On the afternoons that dad was off he would drag not only my car, but Kate's as well, the 3 blocks to our school just so that we could have fun and drive them home. Dedication – my dad has it.

As I am getting older, I'm realising just how lucky I am. Not only do I have an awesome dad, but I have a great friend. He's the kind of guy who doesn't complain when you call him to pick you up at your friend's wedding at 1:30am because you're WAY too drunk to drive. He's the guy who always has this funny joke or dumb story to tell you and make you laugh till you cry or pee your pants.

I'll always be a daddy's girl I think, but if you knew my dad, you'd totally understand why.

Happy Father's Day not only to my dad, but to all the dads out there who become something more than a father. To the dads who become a lifelong friend to the children they bear. To the dads who never outlive being a superhero. You guys are few and far between, and your kids will someday know that (if they don't already).


Hannah said...

that is beautiful, you are very lucky to have a father like that.

jessicajamey said...

Thanks Hannah! I definitely know I am one of the lucky ones

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