Getting Off to a Lousy Start

Ok. Confession time. I haven't written since the first day that I started... because I'm not sure people are reading it. So I hooked up a counter to my blog. You can't see it, but I can log in and see how many unique IP addresses visit. And so far, I'm actually impressed. I won't bore you with numbers, but holy crap! People are actually reading.

So now I feel a little guilty that I haven't provided more to you. And I feel immense pressure to write good stuff because I already have one follower. But my one follower's name is Shit Bag... so maybe I shouldn't feel that important just yet. Shit. Maybe I should be worried that my only follower is someone who refers to themselves as Shit Bag. But instead, I'm going to go ahead and be excited that I have a follower.

I feel I have been psychologically scarred. By a turtle. You see, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a drive the other day and while driving, I noticed a turtle on the road. And then I noticed a car going for it. And then I heard a noise that I cannot shake out of my head. Ever hear a turtle's shell get smashed? Because I certainly have. And after hearing this noise, I looked in my rear mirror to see that what was once this cute little painted turtle was now a mess of blood, shell, and turtle guts. I felt like I was going to vomit.

And now I am left, with this noise of the shell breaking. It is like an annoying little earworm, but not a cute one that makes me sing and dance (like Party in the USA – don't judge me). It is this horrible little earworm that is making me want to curl up into a ball, cry, and possibly vomit. I promise, even those of you who don't nod your head like yeah and move your hips like yeah would love to have a Miley earworm after hearing a turtle crushed.

And in other news, I should be able to try and keep a more frequent posting schedule now, because I have finally hit my goal of getting 100% completion on Red Dead Redemption. So until I find a new game to obsess over (will probably be Lego Harry Potter – out at the end of the month) I will have nothing really fun to do in my spare time. So I'll be able to ramble off to you more often.


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