Time to Introduce Myself

God I hate this stuff. A part of me really wants to just jump in and start posting my stupid word vomit that I keep typing out at work or while bored in class, or should be studying. But I feel that if I start like that, the only feedback that I will get will be people asking me who I am or something else as equally non useful to me. So here I am. Staring blankly at this page wondering where the hell I should start in order to describe myself.

I'm 24. I'm about to start the 6th year of a university program that should have only taken me 4 to complete (and I really don't want to go on to year 7, so I am really pushing myself to finish this year). I live in a small town kinda near Ottawa but it's not really that close, seeing as my friends refer to where I live as Narnia. But I live close enough to Ottawa to commute there for school 3 to 4 days a week. Oh, and if you don't know what Ottawa is, it is the capital of Canada (so I'm going to assume that you not knowing where it is means you aren't Canadian).

I like to ramble. If you decide to stick around and keep reading my posts, you would figure that out eventually. But in case you really aren't into rambling, here's your out. Go read another blog that will humor you more (OR give me a chance, maybe you do like rambling and you just don't know it yet).

More than likely, I'm going to get asked why I started a blog. So I'll pre-emptively answer you now. I started a blog because I wanted to know if I could. And if anyone else in the world thinks I am as funny as I think I am. Usually I laugh at myself pretty often, but I also have days of self loathing where I listen to myself talk or think and just harshly criticize my every word. I have always been interested in writing some form of blog, but it was really just a thought in the back of my head. What my parents would call a pipe dream. Then an awesome friend introduced me to Allie's blog. This girl is a genius. Seriously. If you haven't read her, please do. Anyways, after reading her blog, I felt inspired. See I usually read funny blogs that are always written by dudes. Then here comes Allie who makes me laugh WAY more than any of those guys I've been reading, plus she's a girl? Blogging role model material right there. After a few weeks of reading her stuff, I've decided to dive in and try this on my own.

Another fun tidbit about me: I play video games. Not seriously or hardcore, but nonetheless, I enjoy playing games. I have all 3 major platforms and have owned the current handhelds at some point. Playing videogames online will definitely give me some interesting material (at least I think so), cause A LOT of guys have serious problems with girls playing games. And did I mention that one of my jobs is in a game store? Well it is. So that leads to interesting situations with gamers as well.

I'm hoping to refrain from swearing as much as I normally do while writing this blog. Although I may find it funny to string together a bunch of offensive words in a Tourette's manner, I understand that not everyone else does, and I may alienate potential readers. So I'll do my best to not go off on a curse word rant unless it is absolutely necessary for you to get the point.

I feel I should give some sort of disclaimer. I don't find myself particularly funny, but people always seem to be laughing at what I say. I'm never really sure if they're laughing with or at me, but either way, I'm getting a laugh.

Well there you have it. An introduction in less than 700 words. Stick around. I hope you enjoy what you get.


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