Thanks for Nothing Online Retailers!

Most days, I am so happy to live in Canada.

We have mounties, lots of clean water, and (most importantly) POUTINE!

Today, I am rather pissed off about it though. I love shopping online, but unfortunately the majority of the stores that I love just will not ship to Canada.

SERIOUSLY? Is it just me, or is it just stupid that they do this?

Shipping stuff across the border can't be that difficult. I mean mouth-breathing idiots who sell their shit on Ebay can manage it. Shouldn't a multi-billion dollar corporation be able to manage such a simple task?

They could even make lives a little easier by shipping to a P.O. Box. I live near a border crossing, and renting a P.O. Box isn't that difficult or expensive. However, they don't even allow that. What's the big deal?

It is 2010 people. Get with the times, start making lives a little less difficult for us Canadians. We'll start forking over our money as soon as you do.


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