Well Hello Summer!

Cue Alice Cooper. I finished my summer course today. Unfortunately school isn't out forever. But it is out for summer!

Summer is going to be short for me though. I'm going to have a quick jaunt up to my cottage for this week. I'll get to hang out with my sister who I rarely get to see, and her awesome boys that I get to see even less often. I recently got a kayak and a waterproof camera, so I'll go out on a little voyage at some point while I'm there.

I'm also going to try to fill the rest of my summer days with reading as many books as I can get in.

I feel I need to apologize to all of you. I have been neglecting my blog because I was struggling to finish a take-home exam that seemed to never end.

This is especially worrisome because I now have real followers! That's right; people that I don't know are taking the time out of their days to read whatever I feel like spewing out at them. While this is AWESOME, I am also a little worried that you people will hate everything I post. So take it easy on me, new friends.

Since nothing super interesting has happened this week, I guess I will leave this post here. I'll try to post some more stuff tomorrow and Sunday. As of Sunday though, I will most likely not be able to post until Friday. I'll try to write up some stories while I am up at my cottage and post them for you all on Friday.


Cortney Lyon said...

I like your blog just the way it is with what ever randomness comes along with it...and it's pretty funny.

What are you in school for?

jessicajamey said...

I'm in school for psychology at the University of Ottawa. I'll graduate in April (fingers crossed)

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