Guess Who’s Back?

So I just watched the video for Eminem's new song Love the Way you Lie, which is featuring Rihanna. My initial impressions (in order)

  • Holy shit, Eminem isn't fat anymore. And he is kind of sexy all of a sudden.
  • The gossip sites weren't lying, that is Megan Fox.
  • Still unsure of what Rihanna's angle is by being featured in this song. I mean, is she doing it to make a statement about domestic abuse? Is she trying to tell her side of the Chris Brown incident? Is she simply capitalizing on what happened to her?
  • God I still love this song.
  • Yep, Eminem is back.
  • Scratch "kind of," I am definitely feeling something for him.
  • The ending is a little bit of a letdown. I'm not sure what the hell just happened.
  • WTF was Rihanna wearing?

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out HERE.

What did you think?


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