Just Because You’re in University, it Doesn’t Mean you Aren’t an Idiot

That's right. Just said it.

So today, I went to campus to do a few errands. Mainly, I wanted to pick up my student loan, because I need that shit to pay tuition. I need to pay tuition to keep the school from breathing down my neck and reminding me that I'm a scumball that owes them money. Then I went to the city's other university to pick up my pal for a playdate. While driving on these campuses, I was reminded that University students can be completely clueless when it comes to being responsible adults.

What has really been pissing me off is that these people are pedestrians. I am a motorist. In the game of pedestrian versus motorist, the motorist wins.

Here's the problem I face: I don't think that pedestrians should have to wait too long to cross the road, so I like to stop and let them cross. What I hate, no wait... what I fucking despise is the fact that pedestrians somehow don't understand that when they step out in front of a car that is moving, it can be impossible to stop your car on a dime. Especially when the pavement in wet. You are in university. You are supposed to be our country's best and brightest. Yet you have forgotten the childhood lesson of looking both ways before you cross the damn road! Honestly can't express how pissed I am about it.

While I was on campus I also renewed my student card. Our school doesn't allow us to have the same card for more than five years. Apparently it isn't common for an undergrad student to take beyond 5 years to graduate, because when I approached the desk, she asked if I was a graduate student. When I told her no, she looked at me like I was a complete idiot. Well if you were trying to make me feel like one, mission accomplished!

God these 8 months just can't end soon enough.


Tsionah N said...

I understand. I honestly don't know how some people are admitted into universities.

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