Fish are Trying to Eat Me

No jokes.

I went for a swim at the cottage on Friday, and I was bit by at least ten fish. Probably more.

Usually the little fish nibbling at me don't bother me. I like to sit by the edge of the water and put my toes in and let them nibble away. It tickles me. But these fish meant business.

I swear, the fish were trying to eat me. At first, they were biting at the koi fish tattoo on the calf of my leg. I thought maybe they were intimidated by its colourful scales and awesomeness. Either way, they were attacking the shit out of my leg. It left me screeching and jumping around, cursing all fish and wishing they would all die.

They then abandoned my leg and tried to eat my feet. I quickly cooled off in the water and got the hell out of there.

Not like I was planning it, but I probably shouldn't watch that Piranha 3D. It will just make me more paranoid. And I don't want to be paranoid because I love the lake.

God I hate fish.

And yes, I'm aware that this blog follows along my trend of crap-posts as of late.


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