Everyone Gets a Puppy (Except Me)

So lately, everyone I know is getting puppies, or has a cute dog, (or is happy with their life in general). It's getting depressing.

But I've also noticed, that I react to puppies the way normal women react to babies. And I react to a baby the way normal people would react to stepping in dog shit.

The minute I see a puppy, I turn into this baby-talking freak who wants to cuddle and snuggle, and potentially dognap.

This is all making me think that I possibly want to become a dog breeder. I love dogs, I love puppies. So my next week I plan on researching what it takes to breed dogs, costs, time, etc.

I'll also be working on a top secret project which I can hopefully share by the end of September. As for now, all I can do is ask people for luck and get at it.

I know this was a shitty little post, but it still counts. 2 days in a row. I can do this!


Paige said...

thats because puppies are so much better than a fucking baby.

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