I'm Back... I Think

Every once in a while, I like to fool myself into believing that I have a real life, and that I am just too busy to post on here...

But the truth is, I'm just really bad at making commitments and sticking to them I think.

So some changes since I last posted:
- got a new job. I like it. It's retail clothing (which I am all too familiar with). It is something to pay the bills (or most of them) for now, but really I'm feeling underchallenged and enraged that I have an undergrad degree and am working retail. And am 25.
- graduated. So I'm not a student anymore. It leaves a lot of time to read and play video games and just not do school stuff. But at the same time, it makes me realize how far from true adult hood I really am.
- dated someone who I had been friends with for a while. Abruptly stopped dated said someone. It is still a sore subject and I'm really not sure what to make of it.

But all that being said, I'm still pretty much in the same boat as I was before: 25, living at home, working an unchallenging job, and single.

At this point, I'm challenging myself to post something on here each day for the next month. So hopefully I will post every day from now until September 14. I have no excuse not to, as I really don't do anything other than work, read, play video games, and sleep.

My real hope is that by making myself post, I will also make myself have a real life. As in, not just sit around the house and be a lazy bastard. Because it will be really embarrassing if for the next month all my posts are boring and/or philosophical.

So here we go. This is post #1 of 31. I can do this :)


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