Have I Made a Mistake?

It hasn't even been 12 hours since I started this blog. And I'm already a ball of anxiety over it. At first I was thinking "this will be great. I can find strangers to read my crap and hopefully think I am funny." Since then, I've realised that people I know are also going to read. People who actually know me are going to realise I am borderline certifiable. (I've already been called crazy by one reader).

What if they are one of the select few 59 people I have on Facebook, and they start deleting me? It would be like that episode of South Park where Kyle makes one mistake and loses all of his Facebook friends because of it. I don't want to go insane like Kyle!

So. If you are reading this and ACTUALLY know me, like we've spoken in real life and all, please for the love of god don't judge me. Well not too hard at least.

I'm still the loveable (hah) Jessica you know. You're just seeing the inner workings of my psyche. I'm sorry.


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