Hey guys. Just wanted to remind everyone that as of today I am on vacation!

At 5pm (just over 3 hours from now) I will be packing my cripple of a boyfriend into my car and driving deep into Ontario cottage country. Will not be back until Friday.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, Scot is crippled from playing rugby yesterday. He took a tackle the wrong way and dislocated his collarbone (I didn't think this was possible, so I of course immediately thought he was just joking around; he wasn't). He's waiting to get into the bone specialist in 3 weeks and is probably looking at surgery.

For those of you who have ever helped to dress a grown-ass man get dressed, you know the hilarity that is ensuing in my life. It is a little pathetisad too though. I see him wince or wake up a hundred times a night. Then I feel bad for laughing. Oh well, I should see the silver lining in this cloud because we get to spend more time together now.

Off to the cottage! Have a good week everyone!


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