I May Commit Homicide This Week

So I drove around like a crazy person trying to find cell service yesterday. Mainly because all this time with my family (including 2 nephews and broken boyfriend) is making me go a little loopy. I had set a goal for myself to read a book a day this week. And so far I am on track, but that is only because I read 2 books on Saturday.

Once I got reception, I was notified that I had a voicemail. Thankfully it was from one of my bosses, and today I am sitting back at work in my comfort zone. Until she comes back from picking up shipment, which could be any minute now.

I am basking in civilization.

As I told you on Sunday, Scot went and got himself hurt at a rugby game. Well this is leading to me needing to check on him and help him do everything. I really don't mind all that much. Actually, he told me that he doesn't need as much help, but my brain makes me feel morally obligated to help him.

So combine the broken boyfriend with my 2 monsters who are competing for my attention because they don't see me very much. Yeah, I'm sure you're catching my drift. I don't have a minute to myself. I escape to the bathroom a lot, but then I start to worry that everyone is questioning the health of my bowels. And not that I care if my family thinks I poop a lot. I really don't. But after being cooped up in the bathroom with my book for an hour and a half, at least one of the 12 or so people there are mad at me. One bathroom for this many people is a damn joke.

So I am resolving myself to finish another book tonight after we go back to the cottage.

But if I don't post again soon, it is probably because the cyclists won and I am in jail – for snapping and drowning someone.

p.s. I'm just kidding about the homicide.... mainly


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