The Cyclists Haven’t Won... Yet

I am back from the cottage, homicide free!

What a week. It was so fun, but now I feel like I need a nap. It's a little crazy how you go away on vacation and come home feeling less rested than when you left.

Here's a little breakdown of what happened.

Swam all the time... and threw my nephews into the lake too. That was a lot of fun. The water really helped Scot's shoulder to feel better, so we spent a lot of time in the water.

We played board games. Because what trip to a cottage would be complete without board games? Friends of the family were visiting from China and they brought a game called Settlers of Catan. I had never heard of it before, but quickly became addicted. Looked it up online and apparently there is a HUGE following. Who knew?

Sat around the campfire. Every night, the wind seemed to settle down just in time for a campfire. Nothing more relaxing than snuggling up near the flames and cooking a s'more or twelve.

Played lifeguard. It seems that my sister's boxer, Diesel, thinks he can catch fish, and spent the better part of 2 days sitting on the metal stairs in the water, lunging at fish when they passed. Inevitably, he fell in, and I was the only one around to jump in and pull him out of the water. This also happened after my sister had to jump in and save him two nights earlier, because he walked where there was no dock and fell in.

Kayaked. I'm even learning how to get in and out of the kayak without tipping it. GO ME!

Took the boat out for a spin. Thought it was due time, since I now have my boating licence (for those who aren't familiar, you need to pass a test and pay $50 to have a licence to operate a boat in Ontario).


When getting ready to leave, my aunt arrived and told us that her sister had gotten married the day before. She was planning on being up at the cottage Saturday, so we planned a little celebration for the newlyweds. I headed back up after work last night. It was a blast. Welcome to the family Kurt!


Maggie said...

Whew! Sounds like a busy vacation! Glad you had fun (and made it throught homicide free! (; )

jessicajamey said...

Thanks Maggie! It was a tough go - staying homicide free, that is.

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