Dear Tonsils, I Win.

About ten years ago, my tonsils decided to wage war with me. I told them that it wasn't a good idea to wage war on the host that keeps you alive, but they didn't seem to care. Well yesterday, they learned to not bite the hand that feeds.

That's right, I had a tonsillectomy yesterday. While it is rather sore and I have to drink disgusting medicine, they assure me that it will be well worth it. Seeing as I got strep throat 4-5 times a year for the last ten years, I lost a lot of my life to being sick, because my tonsils would swell and create a breeding ground for the bacteria that causes illnesses. Gross, I know.

Anywho. I now have no tonsils. And am high on codeine.

I noticed something weird at the hospital yesterday. They don't put any clocks up around the hospital. It leaves you guessing how much longer you will need to wait to be seen, or be released, or how much of your life has been wasted in the hospital. I was not a fan. When in recovery, all of the other patients had their phones and were texting, listening to music, and checking their facebook. I on the other hand, stupidly put my cell phone in my purse. As assertive as I can be, I was too worried to ask the nurses to pass it to me, so I laid there for four hours, eating my popsicle like a chump. However, I had the good sense to tell the nurses that I was in pain, so I got morphine, and none of those other suckers did.

Well, I'm getting drowsy and feel like I might vomit up my eggs from earlier. Back to sleepy time.


Maggie said...

Yuck, hospitals. FEEL BETTER soon!! You've got a great excuse to pig out on ice cream in the meantime. :)

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