Don’t Worry, I Haven’t Died

You're not rid of me yet. I've just been lazy healing.

There are multiple reasons why I haven't posted in forever:

  1. I was at my cottage recuperating from my surgery. While awesome in many ways, the cottage lacks internet.
  2. I started playing Dragon Age Origins. Awesome game. I need to plough through it before next Thursday though. Classes start on that day.
  3. On top of me being all sore and gross, Scot is also sore and gross from his surgery too. I am trying my best to help him out.
  4. I am sleeping a lot. BECAUSE I CAN! Haha
  5. I'm a lazy butthole.

So yeah. I'm pretty much phoning this one in. I realize it is a shitty post, but it is all I can do right now. Nothing has been happening because I've been lying around in my own filth for much of the past week. Hopefully something cool can happen between now and the next time I post.

Sorry guys. I'll try to do better with my next post.


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