I Suck At Being Responsible

Wow I'm such a bad blogger. Has it really been since Tuesday that I posted? And even so, that was a shitty post that didn't really say much.

Well I guess I'll start by thanking Maggie for being such an awesome follower. She reads and comments on even my stupid posts (which most of them are). You should all take a gander at her blog, she seems to be more on top of the posting game than I am.

Now onto the real post.

This week, my broken down boyfriend's rugby team launched their fundraising calendar. It features the guys in various poses (12 in all – shocking for a calendar... lol), and is damn awesome. The Ottawa Sun ran a piece about it. However, like so many media outlets today, the Sun decided to focus on something different than the awesome group of guys and their fundraising.

See, Scot plays for Ottawa's only gay friendly rugby team. The members are predominantly gay. The Sun decided that this was the important part about the guys. Not that they were getting people involved in a sport that doesn't have a huge Canadian following, not that they were fundraising. They made a controversy where none belonged, simply because one of the pictures took a piece of pop-culture imagery and changed it a little. (You can read the Sun article if you want more info).

Really, I started by being irritated by this. But it grew into a festering little anger ball. Why is it that the media can report on a straight team's fundraising activities fairly, but turn a gay team's attempts into something controversial? Wake up. It is 2010, and time to gain a little tolerance, or (heaven forbid) acceptance.

Ottawa XPress did a much better job with covering the launch of the calendar. Check out the non-biased article.

For the record, the pictures you will find in the calendar are AWESOME. I hope the majority of my friends are ready for their Ottawa Wolves calendars for Christmas.

By the way... you can all go online and order your copy HERE. And a big shout out to Dan Z, the photographer, as well as his artistic director Martyna. Last but not least, graphic design of the calendar was done by Eric A.


Scotty said...

Great blog Jess!! Very good point about the Sun creating controversy where none should be found. It was a great launch and I hope everyone is going to get a calender to help support a great team!

Maggie said...

Aww, Jess! Thank you! Go figure that I miss this post originally! I certainly think my posts are rather lame... but it is nice to know sometimes that the inane little things that happen to each of us, happen to everyone else too.

So you're dating a calendar hunk, huh? Sweeet! :D

jessicajamey said...

Maggie - Well, he's in a calendar. Don't know about the hunk part. :D


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