Happy Welfare Days!

To anyone who works in retail, the last day of a month and the first few days of the following week can be rather busy. This is when people who are living on social assistance get their cheques. You can always spot these days, because your flash sales increase tremendously. The amount of cash sales you receive also increase.

Now, I'm not against welfare programs. I think that when they aren't abused, they provide a necessary service to those who cannot work. It is when I see people who are able to work but simply decide not to live off my tax deductions where I begin to get a little angry.

You can always spot the people who are like this. They are the ones who come into my video game store to buy themselves a video game while their children are wearing dirty or ill-fitting clothes. Or the people who tell me "well I shouldn't buy this, I guess the kids will just have peanut butter sandwiches this week." Excuse me for swearing... but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Get some priorities. It is the beginning of September, and I'm sure your kids could use that $70 you are spending on a video game and go buy school supplies or school clothes. Ugh.

While on the topic of having children and being on welfare, there is a woman in my small town who is picketing outside of the Children's Aid Society (CAS) office building. She's been there for a few days, and it grabbed my attention. I did a little looking into the matter (by going and talking to her). She is complaining that her kids were unfairly taken away from her by CAS. Sounds like a fair argument. But here's the catch. She is one of those women who I see coming into my store with her dirty ass kids in ripped and filthy clothes to buy hundreds of dollars worth of video games at the beginning of each month. So I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that her kids were probably taken for a reason. Especially knowing that CAS in our area is insanely hard to get to take action on ANY matter, including allegations of abuse. What she really seems to be picketing is the fact that her paycheque was taken away (you get approximately $200 per child extra a month when on welfare).

I don't really know where I was going when I started this post, but I was just infuriated by all this. I don't have kids. And I don't want them. But I'm damn sure that I am not out of line in being this angry about it all.

Have a good long weekend everyone. I'm off to the cottage for my last summer of the year. Classes start next Thursday for me. Hooray homestretch.

And to my faithful follower Shit Bag, I hope this satisfies your need of "stuff to read." To tie all of you over until I'm back in the normal pace of blogging, swing by Annah's blog. I nearly peed my pants reading her stuff.


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