Reading Blogs is Making Me Look Insane

First, I am aware (Thanks to Shit Bag) that I haven't posted in forever. Again, school and work make my life suck. Apologies.

So on to the blogging:

I was reading Jamie's "Getting To Know Me" post the other day. She is to blame for my apparent insanity.

See, in her blog, she mentioned Tracy Chapman, and how her and her husband danced to one of her songs on their wedding day. Now, ever since reading the post, I have been singing her song "fancy car". Both to myself and out loud to passersby.

The problem is that the only words that I know are "baby's got a fancy car." I'm about 98% sure that even these words are wrong. They are just what I think I have been hearing all these years.

I am positive that the people who have encountered me think that I am insane, because I will sing that one line and then hum a slight approximation of the tune that follows. I am sure that I am off-base in term of both the lyrics and the tune that I am humming.


I wish I could just keep my tendencies for insane behavior under wraps.

God, now I am not even sure that the song I am thinking of is indeed by Tracy Chapman. I am even more self-conscious about this than ever. But I will likely keep singing it to myself and my poor unsuspecting neighbors.


So I broke down and looked up the song. I was right. The song isn't FANCY car, but FAST car. Shit.

Oh well, at least I am not as crazy as the homeless person who was shooting up on the bus the other day.


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