Things Like This Could Only Happen To Me

So last night, I was scurrying around to collect my things to bring to Scot's. I was flustered, because I had 3 midterms to finish studying for, and had left everything to the last minute, like I always do.

I was pulling a stack of papers out of one of my bags and it got stuck on the strap. So I pulled harder.

When it came free, I was still pulling very hard, and the papers hit me in the eyeball. I seriously couldn't make this if I wanted to. Anyways. The long and short of it, I managed to papercut my own eye. Yep. True story.

I can't see properly out of that eye now, and am in so much pain because of it. I had to go to the doctor's this morning to get a note, because I will be missing my exam today, and two tomorrow because of this.

Oh, and I get to wear a patch… let's take a minute to let that sink in.


BUT, there is a silver lining to this cloud. Because next week is our study break, I won't be making up my exams for a whole week.


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