Let’s Try This Again

It's been a long time, I'm aware of this.

A lot of shit has changed since the last time I posted.

  • I'm single
  • I'm unemployed

Okay, so maybe not A LOT has changed. But those 2 changes are big.

For starters, Scot's still a great guy... just not the great guy for me. If he's reading this, and I'm pretty sure he will be, I wish him the best.

For the unemployed part. Holy shit. For the first time in a very long time, I feel at a loss. I'm feeling this whole gauntlet of emotions.

  • I'm angry. Raging a little, in fact.
  • I'm terrified. There are no jobs out there. I need a job to be able to afford to finish school. And I need to finish school to get a good job. Oh yeah, that's a fun catch 22 for ya.
  • I'm sad. Truly. I really like my coworkers, and I really liked my job. And I lost both in one day. 2 days before I anticipated it.

Well, with unemployment, I should find more time to post. I'll try, but I make no promises.


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