Done With Moping

A good friend of mine reminded me of something important today:

I am too strong to let this get me down. I've survived way worse things, and I'm going to survive this too.

And if I start to feel like I'm sinking down, I've got a ton of great friends who are going to pull me back up and help me.

I read Jenny's blog today, and she posted an amazing video. I'm going to share it with you as well. I agree wholeheartedly with the message. The stigma attached to mental illness needs to stop. It is this stigma that is stopping us from speaking out and getting help. If more and more people "come out" and admit to the feelings of loss and despair that come along with mental illness, maybe the stigma will start to fade, which will allow more people to feel comfortable with seeking help. It's like a circle of life that is necessary for us to make a change.

So watch this video.

And remember. We aren't alone.

My name is Jessica, and I suffer from anxiety, depression, and OCD.


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